KHL matches: why you should bet on this championship

Bookmakers and bettors pay special attention to the annual Kontinental Hockey League championship. Bookmakers carry out a detailed analysis of last season’s games, taking into account the changes in the composition of the teams and publish their preliminary betting sites on their websites. Sometimes predictions are made for the whole season, which is very convenient for people interested in sports betting in winter sports.

The basis of bookmaker predictions are statistical information and the latest news about the teams. Predictions are made in the absence of the emotional factor. Not only beginners, but also experienced bettors should pay attention to them when making a bet.

Championship structure and method of determining the results

In the first stage, each club plays two games against all opponents. This is 48 games. In addition, an additional 14 games are provided. In total, the regular championship consists of 62 games. The main trophy of this championship is the Tikhonov Continental Cup. Also, winners in four divisions are determined. Depending on the order in which the teams are positioned in the two Conferences, it is determined which clubs move on to the next round – play-off.

A club gets two points for any win, one for a loss in overtime or shootout, and none for a game with a loss in regulation time. At the end of the first round, the club with the highest scoring output in the division becomes the winner of the division. In this case, not only the points from games with clubs in their division, but also the results of meetings with all teams are counted.

KHL regulations established the procedure by which places are distributed among the participants in the first round and the results are determined:

  1. Places in the four divisions, two conferences and in the overall tournament table are allocated according to the total number of points that teams have earned for all games played in the first round.
  2. In case if several clubs have the same number of points, the best club is determined by the following criteria: the greatest number of wins during regular time in all games of the first round; the greatest number of overtime wins; the greatest number of shootout wins; the best result in the difference between the pucks, which were scored and conceded in all games; by the greater number of sent pucks in the opponents’ goal. All criteria are applied in strict sequence. If the result is equal in the above indicators, the method of drawing is used
  3. The first and second places in the official tournament tables of the two Conferences shall be taken by the teams that lead in their division based on the total number of points scored in the first round.

The results of all sports competitions are entered in the table in descending order from the first position to the last, based on the number of playing clubs. Depending on the results of all participants, the 16 strongest clubs are determined, which move on to the second game stage. The club with the most points wins the Continental Cup and therefore becomes the champion of the round.

Playoffs: how the participants are determined

The clubs that finish in the top eight positions in the two Conferences move on to the second round of the championship. The first two leading positions are taken by the division champions, while from the third to the eighth – by the clubs that scored the smallest number of points. The standings are formed according to the decrease of the obtained results. The second round consists of two conferences – West and East, each involving eight clubs. The total number is sixteen participating clubs.

The formation of pairs of participants is based on the principle: the first number meets with the last, the second with the next-to-last, etc. In this case, it is the participant with the higher ranking number in the table who gets the superiority of the game on his own ice arena.

The playoff system is used to determine the winners of the two Conferences, who will receive appropriately named cups: “West Conference Winner” or “East Conference Winner”. In each of the Conferences there are quarterfinal tournaments (consisting of four series), semifinal (consisting of two series) and the final stage of one series. All series games are played to four wins, the highest number of meetings is seven.

The club that wins all matches wins the series. The club that is defeated in all meetings leaves the tournament.

Finalists who win conference cups: KHL Championship title and Gagarin Cup compete in final tournaments. The play-off series involves up to four wins in seven games.

Making hockey predictions with the smallest details does not guarantee a hundred percent win on the bets, but greatly increases the odds. When placing a bet, you should always remember that it is better to place a small amount of money, so that the loss does not become a big blow to the wallet. Betting should not be treated as a source of serious income. This is especially true for beginners.