How to check satta king result online?

Satta live result 2021 for December 16: Satta King may be a lottery game vie in online and offline mode in some country elements. Conjointly referred to as SattaMatka, the sport had its origin before Indian Independence. The results for Rs one considerable integer value Satka King games for Thursday, December sixteen, have been proclaimed.

The day started with a lucky range for Galli, declared at 12:02 am. The person with a range of twenty-five is that the winner of the Galli draw. The lucky range for Disawar, which was declared at five am, is 12.

Today, it’s principally vying online through many websites within the digital world. Not solely this, there are several Apps on Play store that one uses to play the sport. People who like to play the offline game better will do this by visiting the search close to them to position the bet and check results.

Although gambling is against the law in India, online Satta result is legal. Many of us participate in it to undertake our luck. Some lotteries and racing games also are legal in India. Vie between quite one folk, the sport involves guess numbers to win the prize.

Types of satta king games

Although there are many varieties of games out there on varied web site, four of the foremost standard ones are

  • DisawarSatta King
  • Ghaziabad Satta King
  • GaliSatta King
  • Faridabad Satta King

How to claim satta king prize?

  1. Visit the web website on that you have got placed your bet
  2. Click on the link of Results of Satta nowadays
  3. Check the result
  4. If the result matches together with your range, you win
  5. Enter your bank details to induce the winning quantity in your checking account.

Satta king-related terms to remember

Matka: matka springs from a Satta result word for a material pot. Earlier, such pots were wont to draw the numbers.

Single: any digit between zero and nine.

Jodi/pair: any try of 2 digits between 00 and ninety-nine

Patti/panna: a three-digit result’s Patti/panna.

Open result/shut result: the result of indulgence is split into two elements. The primary half is termed open result and the second half shut result.

Sp/dp/tp:sp stands for single Patti, e.g., 123, a stateless person stands for double Patti, e.g., 112, and tp stands for triple patti, e.g., 111

Cycle Patti: the last two digit of the Patti is termed the cycle Patti or cp (e.g., if the Patti is 128, the cycle patti is 28)

Farak: the farak is what percentage distinction from shut result to open result (e.g. If the Jodi/pair is fifty-seven, 7–5; the freak is 2; some another: seventy-three is 13-7 – six)