You are searching for easy tricks for kids. Well, I have designed this report to serve as as an excellent blueprint and guide for kids getting started with magic.

Kids magic tricks should be easy to learn. It should have easy to follow illustrations. It should also be composed of tricks that are fun allowing the initial process to take form.

It is important to know that magic is an art form and should be taken as seriously as any art form should.

Although magic can be very fun, it can also be difficult to learn if not properly guided in the beginning.

Many professional magicians make courses compiled with easy magic tricks for kids. Most of these training courses come equipped with the following tricks: Magic course

Cups & Balls
Rope Set
Fake Plastic thumb
Finger chopper
Magical Wands
Disappearing Silk Set
Svengali Card Tricks
Sponge Balls
These are generally the core tricks for any beginner and are pretty easy to learn.

However, if you are going to buy a magic course, I highly suggest that you also look into beginner magic books. A good magic book can lay the foundation for dozens, if not hundreds of easy magic tricks to learn.

Great books that specialize in kids magic are written by professional magician, Bryan Dean. Bryan Dean has over 30 years experience and his books have easy to understand illustrations which kids are happy to learn.

He has even dedicated a website to kids magic, which can be found on the following blog.

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