Choosing a Korean Translation Agency

When it comes to translating documents into Korean, it is beneficial to work with a translation agency that has the experience and expertise to ensure that the final product is as accurate and professional as possible. Many Korean translation agencies have a team of project managers who are highly knowledgeable about specific industries. Your translation project manager will listen to your needs and desires, and work tirelessly to bring them to fruition. They can also handle legal and technical translations.


If you need to translate a document from or into Korean, you may be wondering whether or not Gengo is a good choice for your needs. While many Korean translation agencies are geared towards providing quick turnarounds for short-term projects, Gengo has a much higher standard of accuracy. The agency’s supported quality levels are tailored to various types of content. For everyday content, the Standard Level is ideal, as it ensures speedy translations that pay attention to tone and meaning. The Standard Level is handled by a native speaker, while for most business content, the Pro Level is preferred. A professional translator will handle this type of translation, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards.

Gengo’s new investors have a similar global service-oriented business model, and could potentially buy the company outright in the long term. But the CEO of Gengo, Romaine, denied any discussions about a possible exit. The company has processed more than 300 million pieces of translated content, and last year, it launched a data portal. And with its new funding, Gengo plans to expand globally. For now, the company is focused on building a profitable business model.

Literature Translation Institute of Korea

LTI Korea, or Literature Translation Institute of Korea, is a South Korean organization which promotes Korean literature and culture in English. It awards publication grants and translation grants for Korean works, and is committed to fostering international literary exchange. While the organization’s mission is to promote the Korean language and culture, it isn’t well-known abroad. To learn more about the organization, read about its mission and activities. This article draws heavily on information on LTI Korea from Wikipedia. Text and images are licensed under CC BYSA 4.0 International License.

The LTI Korea is a government-affiliated organization with a mission to promote the study of literature and culture, including the translation of Korean literature into other languages. The

Institute currently has fifty-seven full-time staff members and four divisions. The Division of International Affairs administers grant programs to train translators, while the Division of

Literature Promotion manages the LTI Library and the online platform. The Institute also has a Translation Academy, which has graduated more than a thousand students since 2008.

LTI Korea

LTI Korea is looking for talented translators to join their team. Their fellowship program offers support for literary translation by foreign language speakers. Fellowship awards include roundtrip airfare, 1.2-1.6 million won per month, visa sponsorship, and tuition waiver. Fellows must be foreign nationals and have completed at least a bachelor’s degree. The program takes up to three years to complete. To apply, fill out an application form and submit it to LTI Korea.

When you’re looking for a korea translation agency, make sure you check if they have a quality management system in place. This is a sign of dedication and commitment to your project. Checking out the quality of a company’s translation is important for different purposes. Contact several companies and compare them side by side before making a decision. The right Korean translation agency will be able to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for a quality translation in the Korean language, VOVF is your best choice. They employ experienced, native-speaking translators who only translate into their own language or into their field of specialization. This ensures the highest quality translation. Read on to learn more about the services they offer. In addition to their exceptional quality in Korean translations, VOVF is also a reputable provider of translations for all kinds of documents.

When looking for a translation agency, it’s helpful to know the specific language pair you require. Many companies have multiple offices and may charge more for their services just to pay the bills. Regardless, the number of translation offices will not necessarily affect the quality of your documents. In fact, it’s best to look for a company that specializes in your specific language pair and does its own in-house quality control. While it’s tempting to do a quick Google search for translation agencies, it is important to remember that finding a reliable company requires a bit of legwork.